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  1. Armstrong came clean in interview, says Oprah

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    September 22, 2018 by admin

    Lance Armstrong has “come clean” but the doping scourge in cycling continue to put immense pressure on the sport’s world governing body.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Oprah Winfrey has confirmed speculation that the disgraced cyclist and high- profile cancer survivor confessed to doping when he gave the talk show host an interview that lasted more than two hours.

    The much-anticipated interview was originally going to be shown as an edited 90-minute program tomorrow afternoon (Tastime).

    But such is the worldwide interest and the content of their discussion, it will now go to air in full over tomorrow and Saturday afternoons (Tastime).

    International Olympic Committee vice-president Dick Pound, a long-time critic of the sport’s doping history, has raised the prospect of cycling being thrown out of the Games.

    He said if the Armstrong admissions implicate the UCI, cycling’s top body, Olympic banishment might be the only way to properly reform the sport.

    The World Anti-Doping Agency and the US Anti- Doping Agency – the body which laid bare Armstrong’s cheating – have also distanced themselves from a UCI independent commission designed to restore confidence in the sport.

    Winfrey interviewed Armstrong on Tuesday (Tastime), his first media appearance since the wide- ranging, 1000-page USADA report last October that said he was at the centre of the biggest doping scandal in sports history.

    Armstrong was stripped of his record seven Tour de France titles and banned from all WADA-sanctioned sports for life.

    Within hours of the interview, there was speculation that Armstrong had confessed.

    While not discussing any details of the interview, Winfrey confirmed to CBS that he had made an admission.

    “I would say he did not come clean in the manner that I expected,” she said.

    “It was surprising to me. I would say that for myself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerised and riveted by some of his answers.

    “I felt that he was thoughtful. I thought that he was serious … I would say that he met the moment.

    “I didn’t get all the questions asked, but I think the most important questions and the answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered,” Winfrey said.

    “I can only say I was satisfied by the answers.”

    But anti-doping officials have called on Armstrong to admit his guilt under oath before considering whether they reduce his lifetime ban.

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  2. NRA blasts violent videos, then shocks with game of its own

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    September 22, 2018 by admin

    App users are given a choice of weapons, including the type of assault rifle used in the Newtown school massacre in December.WASHINGTON: The National Rifle Association, which blames video games in part for mass shootings, has controversially released its own video game for iPhones and iPads.
    Nanjing Night Net

    NRA: Practice Range, released on Sunday, is billed as ”the NRA’s new mobile nerve centre” with access to information about gun safety, legislation and news.

    But its main feature are shooting ranges – some with vaguely coffin-shaped targets – and a choice of handguns, rifles and shotguns, including the type of assault rifle used in the Newtown school massacre.

    Players have one minute to shoot as many targets as possible, then post their scores on a leader board open to all.

    ”Is this some kind of sick joke?” wrote a customer in the review section of the App Store page. ”The NRA complains about violent games and then releases one a week later. Sure, you’re not shooting at humans but does it really matter? F—ing ridiculous.”

    But in a reflection of how guns divide Americans, others gave the app 5-star reviews.

    ”Freaking awesome” a satisfied customer. ”Better hurry and download this before they take it away from us,” said another.

    The game’s release coincided with this week’s SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) show, an annual event organised in Las Vegas by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry trade group.

    The foundation happens to be based in Newtown, Connecticut, where Adam Lanza, 20, cut down 20 six- and seven-year-old children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14.

    Lanza – who had earlier shot and killed his mother, owner of the Bushmaster assault rifle used to kill the children – also took his own life in one of the most worst mass shootings in US history.

    Separately, 52 per cent of respondents to a Washington Post-ABC News poll said the Newtown shooting had made them more supportive of gun control, according to the findings published on Tuesday.

    The poll also found broad support among both Democrats and Republicans for mandatory background checks on people who buy firearms at gun shows. Such events are said to account for 40 per cent of all US gun sales.

    Agence France-Presse

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  3. Greens boost for childcare centre teachers

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    September 22, 2018 by admin

    EARLY childhood teachers who work in childcare centres rather than schools would have the cost of their university studies reimbursed under a Greens proposal being considered by the federal government.
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    Next January 1, childcare centres must employ at least one teacher as part of a program to raise the quality of care and education provided in centres.

    But centres are struggling to attract teachers, who can earn significantly more as preschool teachers in schools rather than doing the equivalent job in a childcare centre.

    ”Currently dozens of childcare workers leave the sector each week and it’s not surprising when you consider that many people who work in the centres are paid less than those who clean them,” a Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

    ”As parents, we expect that the people caring for and educating our children to be qualified. Currently this just isn’t the case and it needs to be fixed.”

    The scheme has been proposed by the Greens and will be released on Thursday.

    The Department of Finance was given the go-ahead to do the costing by the Prime Minister’s office, which is examining a suite of measures to make childcare more affordable and available.

    The department estimated the program would attract 400 teachers to childcare centres in the first year at a cost of $2.5 million.

    The scheme would waive a year’s worth of fee debt for early childhood education graduates for each year they taught full time in a childcare centre. Teachers who went to disadvantaged or remote areas would receive a waiver of two years’ fees for each year of full-time work.

    About a third of childcare centres now apply for exemptions from staff qualification requirements because they are unable to find suitable workers with the required qualifications.

    ”It is essential that we keep costs as low as possible to help mums and dads who are struggling to make ends meet, and this scheme, which adds to the wages of early childhood teachers, will improve the quality of care without increasing the cost to either centres or parents,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

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  4. PM under fire on gun crime

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    September 22, 2018 by admin

    Nanjing Night Net

    Sydney gun crime interactive

    THE Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has announced that she is examining ways to end the gun violence on Sydney streets, but was immediately accused of ”gross hypocrisy” by the NSW government, who dismissed it as an election stunt.

    With more than 135 shootings across the city last year, including 20 in the past two months, Ms Gillard said she had asked the Home Affairs Minister, Jason Clare, to prepare ”options” to address the violence and explore what, legally and constitutionally, the federal government could do.

    The NSW Police Minister, Michael Gallacher, accused Ms Gillard of ”gross hypocrisy” over the comments, which were made at the launch of the federal government’s new cyber-safety program. He said the federal government was failing ”dismally” to protect Australia’s borders from illegal gun imports.

    “If Labor in Canberra want to help curb gun violence on the streets of Sydney it should be taking a good hard look at its border protection regime which is failing to stem the tide of illegally imported firearms into the country,” Mr Gallacher said.

    “The federal government must do what it can to prevent illegal guns reaching our shores – that’s to get their own government in order before telling us how to run ours.”

    The acting NSW Premier, Andrew Stoner, said Ms Gillard’s comments were ”out of the blue” and more about winning votes in key electorates than addressing the gun crime problem.

    ”This is merely a stunt by Julia Gillard in order to win some sort of support in western Sydney,” he said. ”They know that western Sydney is a key battleground for the federal election later this year.”

    He said the state government had urged the federal government 18 months ago to improve customs operations to ”stop the flood of illegal guns into NSW” and introduce national bikie laws in an attempt to curb gun violence in the state.

    Ms Gillard, who also expressed concerns about recent street clashes in Brisbane, acknowledged that state governments and police authorities were principally responsible for containing suburban violence but she believed the Commonwealth could help.

    ”At this time all levels of government need to be doing everything that can be done to address this violence,” Ms Gillard said.

    The prime minister would not give a ”running commentary” on how she thought the NSW government, which has primary responsibility for policing, was handling the problem. She also would not give any more specifics on what options Mr Clare would be canvassing.

    Her announcement came less than 24 hours after the latest Sydney shooting in which a senior member of the Hells Angels was shot dead and another man wounded in the city’s west.

    ”We’ve seen overnight yet again a report of another shooting in Sydney’s south-west … We are seeing reports of violence in suburbs in Brisbane,” the Prime Minister said.

    ”People who make their lives in these suburbs, in these parts of our great nation, deserve to be able to get about their business, to raise their families in an environment that is safe and secure and peaceful.”

    A senior police source told Fairfax Media officers would support the federal government’s involvement if it meant more funding and extra powers to help deal with criminals and gun violence. They would also welcome national laws that would help stop criminals moving from state to state.

    ”It has to be something more than just a knee-jerk reaction to the violence in western Sydney,” the senior officer said. ”It has to involve talking to the key stakeholders as well as funding and actually putting proper universal laws in place.”

    The Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman, also described Ms Gillard’s announcement as ”completely unnecessary” saying racial clashes between Aboriginal and Pacific Islander families in the Brisbane suburb of Logan were now in hand. After days of violent confrontations, the two families – the Briggs and the Palaus – finally agreed to stop the violence after attending police-brokered peace talks on Tuesday night.

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  5. The final moments of a deadly dispute

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    September 22, 2018 by admin

    THE black car rolled into the Wetherill Park transport yard about 3.30pm. Twenty minutes later Zeljko ”Steve” Mitrovic, a senior member of the Hells Angels, was shot dead.
    Nanjing Night Net

    What happened inside the two-storey logistics business on Tuesday was allegedly the climax of days of heated arguments between Mr Mitrovic and a business associate, Frank Bacic.

    Police said seven men confronted Mr Mitrovic at the front of his business and began a fierce discussion that got out of hand. Mr Mitrovic went to his office thinking the row was over but three of the men followed to continue the stoush.

    Minutes later one allegedly pulled a gun and shot Mr Mitrovic dead. A co-worker caught in crossfire was shot in the arm.

    Fairfax Media understands the dispute was over an outstanding debt, which one source put at $200,000.

    Police said Mr Bacic is wanted for questioning over his dealings with Mr Mitrovic. It remains unclear whether he was at the scene or if the group of men continued negotiations for the cash on his behalf. Police are not alleging Mr Bacic was the shooter or that he ordered the attack.

    As rumours about the death circulate, one source said Mr Bacic owes another group a large sum of money and was pressuring Mr Mitrovic to settle the debt for him.

    Another suggested Mr Bacic was under threat himself from a group seeking to settle a debt.

    What is clear for police is that surveillance cameras in Mr Mitrovic’s premises captured seven men walking into and leaving the yard. They are all wanted for questioning.

    The acting Assistant Police Commissioner, Peter Cotter, has ruled out any links to bikie gangs.

    ”[We are looking at] the personal side of business or the personal side to his life,” he said.

    Mr Mitrovic, a married father of three, had been charged with seven others for a double murder in 1998.

    Mr Mitrovic is understood to have had several feuds with former business associates including a former business partner George Alex – the director of Active Workforce, a scaffolding and labour hire company.

    Fairfax understands the dispute centres on a $400,000 Dural property the pair were going to buy but the deal soured and became a legal dispute.

    ”Big Jim” Byrnes, whose house was sprayed with bullets in November last year, said he had known Mr Mitrovic for 15 years. ”He always was a happy-go-lucky fella. I met his children and he was a loving family man. I offer my condolences to them. It’s a terrible thing for anybody.”

    Mr Byrnes said he also knew Mr Alex but no longer has any dealings with him. Mr Alex did not return calls.

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