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  1. POLL: Wollongong CBD splattered with white paint

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    January 21, 2019 by admin

    Wollongong City Council is facing a hefty clean-up bill thanks to a brazen vandal who went on a spree through the CBD early yesterday.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The attacker splattered paint across pathways, walls and cars, causing extensive damage and a headache for those trying to avoid the mess.

    Although the final damage bill is yet to be tallied, it is likely to run into the thousands of dollars.

    ‘‘It’s a blatant waste of council resources and an act of stupidity,’’ Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery said yesterday.

    The trail of white shows the route the vandal took.

    Yesterday passers-by were forced to navigate their way around the still damp trail, which was concentrated around lower Crown Street, Kembla Street and the city’s arts precinct.

    In the car park next to Yours and Owls on Kembla Street the smell of paint filled the air.

    Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.Paint was splashed in criss-crosses on a wall, and over a seemingly abandoned car.

    A single empty tin of metal primer sat close to the footpath.

    The trail crossed Kembla Street, passing the fountain outside the Town Hall and down lower Crown Street.

    Here the council’s graffiti removal team used bright orange traffic cones and ‘‘wet paint’’ signs to warn pedestrians.

    Walking down lower Crown Street about 11am yesterday, Amy Howes of Mangerton was forced to step over the paint trail.

    ‘‘It’s just a pain in the neck,’’ she said.

    ‘‘At least no-one got hurt. But at the same time, it’s stupid.’’

    The council has now been left with a potentially hefty clean-up bill, a spokeswoman said.

    And some of the affected pavers are likely to need replacing.

    Although the council was keen to get rid of the paint straight away, the graffiti team discovered it was oil-based and had to fully dry before they could begin removing it.

    “This is a stupid, senseless act and I encourage anyone with information to contact Wollongong police,’’ Cr Bradbery said.

    ‘‘Council now has to consider the cost of cleaning up this mess and where that money will come from.

    ‘‘I would rather not have abstract expressionism on the pavement of Wollongong – I’d prefer it on canvas and hanging in our gallery.’’

    A council spokeswoman said around $50,000 was spent each year on removing graffiti in Wollongong’s CBD.

    Wollongong police Inspector Dan Richardson said the attack appeared deliberate and police were now investigating.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact Wollongong police or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.

    A white thread traces the vandal’s route across the pavers and footpath of the city. Pictures: KIRK GILMOUR

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  2. Learn Forex:Price Action Setups – January 15, 2012

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    January 21, 2019 by admin

    Learn Forex: Price Action Setups – January 15, 2012 Learn Forex: Price Action Setups – January 15, 2012
    Nanjing Night Net

    Learn Forex: Price Action Setups – January 15, 2012

    Learn Forex: Price Action Setups – January 15, 2012

    Price Action is a fascinating study of technical analysis using the most pure indicator available: Price itself. This article will walk through some current trade setups based around Price Action. Article Summary: This article will walk through 2 trade setups, presented via Price Action as outlined in our guide on the subject, The Forex Trader’s Guide to Price Action . Following the two current trade setups, an analysis of last week’s position(s) will follow with a description of how previously identified Price Action Setups have fared. The New Year has started in ceremonious fashion for traders in the FX market, as volatility has permeated into many charts of traders’ favorite pairings. Traders are always attempting to stay in front of the news: As in, if a positive news announcement is expected – markets will often begin pricing that information in before the actual announcement takes place. This is nothing new, as it has been coined ‘buy the rumor, sell the news.’ And given the current circumstances, in which Central Banks have telegraphed and followed-through with expected intervention announcements in recent past, many markets find themselves in the precarious position of being in an awkward position for a reversal. Buying into such trends can prove daunting: Sure, the trend has been strong, but for how much longer can they continue? This is where price action, and risk management can be a huge benefit to traders, and these are central to the two setups below. EURUSD has put in a magnanimous run since Mario Draghi pledged ECB Support to the Euro-Zone Created with Marketscope/Trading Station IIIt might seem hard to remember, but for much of the first portion of 2012 it was increasingly difficult to make a case for going long EURUSD. That all changed on July 24th, when Mario Draghi pledged European Central Bank support for future problems that may arise from the European Debt Crisis. And while these pledges left much to be desired from analysts and economists alike, they have provided satiety to the massive down-trends put in the pair for the first half of 2012. A litany of factors on top of the Draghi announcement helped provide support to the pair. In September, Ben Bernanke pledged Central Bank support in The United States with QE3. Later in December, Bernanke extended the Operation Twist intevention program as well: In total, providing $85 billion per month to financial markets. When markets began the year, they had a nice surprise announcement to work with: Congress in the United States agreed to a deal to extend the Bush-era tax cuts, which was a major part of contention around the ‘Fiscal Cliff.’ And from the chart above, its apparent – quite a bit of good news is currently priced into EURUSD. But its not all roses and sunshine for the EURUSD: Despite coming to terms on a deal to extend tax cuts, The United States has a potentially larger political quandry on its hands in the coming months that is starting to bring more of an impact to markets. The United States is nearing its debt limit, and there is a contentious debate raging in Congress over planned upcoming spending cuts. Last night, Germany started to show signs of stress as 4th quarter GDP showed a contraction of .5% (Annualized at 2%). This is extremely worrisome, as Germany avoided recession for most of the European Debt Crisis, and functioned as somewhat of a stallwart for the European economy as a whole. Suffice it to say – we’re not out of the woods yet. But by judging from the EURUSD chart, one might not know that; and it’s disconnects like this that can lead to promising trade opportunities. After moving all the way up to the 1.3400 Psychological level, EURUSD has faced selling pressure coming into the market, and given the circumstances of the global economy – this makes sense. But what makes this trade attractive is the possible Risk-Reward ratio, in which traders could potentially caputre a very large move with a very small amount of risk allocated towards the trade. Created with Marketscope/Trading Station II Short EURUSD at Market; Stop at 1.3410, Limits at 1.3150 (1-to-2.25 Risk-to-Reward ratio), and 1.3000 (1-to-4.125 Risk-to-Reward ratio)On the other side of the world, Chinese data has come in the spotlight again – and the implications for Australia can be huge. The Australian Dollar was previously one of the strongest currencies when the carry trade was in order through 2010 and the first portion of 2011. Last year, 2012, was far different for the Aussie. After falling below 1.0600 in March of 2012, the pair was unable to put in a daily close above the 1.0600 threshold. AUDUSD was unable to put in a daily close above 1.0600 after March 20, 2012 Created with Marketscope/Trading Station IIInterestingly enough, the pair made an approach towards this 1.0600 marker shortly after the open of the new year, and was, once again – unable to break and stay above. This presents potential opportunity; especially considering that a large piece of news is expected out of China, and the strong trading relationship between China and Australia can see a signficant portion of that optimism filter into the Aussie. This is a slightly different trade though, as this is a conditional order that is only set to trigger provided we get price moving above 1.0600. The full setup is below: Created with Marketscope/Trading Station IIIf Chinese GDP comes out better than expected, and further– if the global economy looks poised to grow and continue with optimism that’s been seen to open up 2013, AUDUSD may reflect that in breaking above this long-held resistance, and if that takes place – the breakout order can come into effect. The breakout entry is set just slightly outside of the high that was hit since March 20. Long AUDUSD Breakout Entry at 1.0625; Stop at 1.0550, Limits at 1.0750 (1-to-1.66 Risk-to-Reward ratio) and 1.0850 (1-to-3 Risk-to-Reward ratio). Update from last week’s article: In last week’s Price Action Setups, we took one position in EURJPY, and the pair made a strong ascent directly to the second profit target of 117.50. The continued optimism in Japan and Europe contributed to some very strong movement in the pair last week, and that can certainly continue for the week ahead. — Written by James StanleyTo contact James Stanley, please email [email protected]南京夜网. You can follow James on Twitter @JStanleyFX.To be added to James’ distribution list, please send an email with the subject line “Notification,” to [email protected]南京夜网.Would you like a customized curriculum to walk you through Trading Education? Take our Trader IQ quiz and receive a full lesson plan with numerous free resources to expand your information arsenal. Take the Trader IQ Quiz Now!

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  3. Aussie aspirations: why we want to play the fame game

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    January 21, 2019 by admin

    Of 500 people surveyed, one-in-three reported a moderate or high desire for fame and getting on Big Brother was the most desirable way to achieve it.Move over subliminal messaging and slick product taglines, marketers have a new arrow for their advertising bows.
    Nanjing Night Net

    A Perth researcher has developed a scale that measures just how obsessed people are with celebrities and believes it will help tap into people’s desire for fame.

    “We had to go down the road of developing a scale that questions what people are looking for when they put themselves in The Biggest Loser or on YouTube,” Dr John Gountas, associate professor of marketing at Murdoch Business School said.

    “What it is that people perceive as fame; how they do it and why they do it.”

    The research noted that the advent of reality TV shows featuring “everyday people” who then become famous with little perceived effort had made fame seem more attainable.

    The Murdoch University researcher found that people desired fame because they saw it as a vehicle to satisfy personal goals like material success, a better lifestyle and increased social standing.

    “If somebody is interested in fame, what they basically want is some kind of social feedback that says they’re somebody recognised,” Dr Gountas said.

    “It gives them a sense of importance and public approval.”

    The “fame scale” Dr Gountas developed features six statements with which participants can agree or disagree, including “If I were famous I would be happier” and “I would like to be famous because other people would perceive me as having more power and influence”.

    Dr Gountas said that a strong desire for fame often reflected emotional insecurity.

    “Some are pretty weak psychologically,” Dr Gountas said.

    “They perceive that fame will deliver them to achieve materially successful life and social kudos. Some of them are deluded in thinking it will cause them to be liked and loved and accepted.”

    Of 500 people surveyed, with a lengthy 79-question survey, one-in-three reported a moderate or high desire for fame and getting on Big Brother was the most desirable way to achieve it.

    A general admiration for Big Brother contestants who had gone on to become famous appeared in the results and it was noted this could be due to people hoping to reconstruct a new identity for themselves.

    Males proved more fame-hungry than females and 18 to 25’s desire social recognition and fame more strongly than a second 26 to 35-year-old group.

    “For those with a desire for fame, the quick rise to celebrity through participation in reality TV shows seems to be particularly appealing for young males,” the research notes.

    “This may reflect a need for social attention and acceptance, which is the promise of many marketing campaigns.”

    So what can marketers do with this?

    “If someone has a strong need for public recognition, advertisers can find creative ways to give them that,” Dr Gountas said.

    “Social approval and recognition are far stronger persuaders that messages about prices, model features, alloyed wheels, petrol consumption and speed acceleration per second, etc.

    “Most people seem to care more about themselves and their own personal identity and reputation, than external product features and tangible product benefits.” Follow WAtoday on Twitter

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  4. Double trouble as twins tackle health research

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    January 21, 2019 by admin

    Lachlan and Ewan Lewis (left), Emma and Lucy Howard and Luke and Rohan Whitby.ANGELA King is counting down the days until her identical twin sister Elena Gatt has a knee operation because she knows it will mean an end to the constant pain she feels in her knee.
    Nanjing Night Net

    At the exact moment Elena hurt her knee while on holidays in London last April, Angela experienced excruciating pain and was stopped in her tracks as she and her husband walked along a Melbourne street.

    ”I knew to contact my sister because it could have been the only explanation,” Angela said.

    ”Now I can’t wait for her to have the surgery because I know that my pain will not go away until that happens.”

    But the 57-year-old Melburnians are used to experiencing the other’s pain and suffering.

    When Elena was pregnant, for instance, it was her twin sister – who was not pregnant – who experienced shocking morning sickness.

    And when Angela had her tonsils out when they were young, Elena screamed at the exact moment they were removed. While Angela recovered from the operation immediately, Elena took days to get over a sore throat – despite being almost 300 kilometres away and not being told that her sister had just had a throat operation.

    The sisters are among about 40,000 voluntarily registered twins with the Australian Twins Registry – the largest of its kind in the world – who are helping medical researchers better understand the impact of nature and nurture.

    Statistics show about 2 per cent of the Australian population are twins, around one-third of whom are identical and the other two-thirds non-identical, or fraternal.

    Dr Jeff Craig, who leads the Early Life Epigenetics Group at Melbourne University’s paediatrics department, said studies of twins enabled researchers to determine to what extent medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and epilepsy were influenced by genetics or environmental factors. ”I believe that studies of human health should always start with twins before we then work out what applies to the rest of the population,” he said.

    Registry participants have taken part in more than 450 research studies into a wide range of medical conditions, including foot bunions, which have long been thought to have been genetic. But Elena and Angela are proof that this might not be the case, as only one of them has bunions.

    On Wednesday, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark – mother of two-year-old twins Vincent and Josephine – became joint patron of the Australian and Danish twins registries.

    Among the many twins at the announcement were identical twins Grace and Amber Harli, 18, from Belgrave, who said they were often asked what it was like being a twin.

    ”It’s good in some respects, such as the wardrobe sharing and the fact you always have a wing-man, but bad in others because we’re constantly compared to one another in terms of who’s taller, who’s better at sport, who’s smarter and things like that,” Grace said.

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  5. Missing sailor met with misadventure, judge rules

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    January 21, 2019 by admin

    Lost at sea: Neil Qualtrough.RETIRED engineer Neil Qualtrough’s dream was to buy a yacht and go sailing.
    Nanjing Night Net

    His dream cost him his life.

    A coroner on Wednesday found the inexperienced sailor died from misadventure at sea after setting off alone from Hawaii to sail to Australia.

    Judge Jennifer Coate said Mr Qualtrough’s daughter, Sarah, had revealed her father had virtually no sailing experience other than maybe spending an afternoon on a friend’s yacht about once a year. In late 2006 he decided to buy a yacht in America where they were cheaper and sail it home.

    ”Sarah expressed considerable concern to him about this plan but stated that her father seemed ‘nonchalant’ about the trip,” Judge Coate said in her findings.

    Mr Qualtrough, a widower from Box Hill, bought a 16-metre, three-mast yacht with a wooden hull and a five-person life raft and spent six months repairing it before becoming homesick and deciding to set off alone.

    His daughter ”tried to talk him out of sailing alone but apparently to no avail. He reassured her that he had up-to-date navigation equipment, a ham radio and a distress beacon,” the coroner said.

    Marine engineer David Pawley said he was working on a yacht at Waikiki when an American who had been sailing with Mr Qualtrough, 64, told him the Australian could not properly steer his yacht.

    Mr Pawley went to see Mr Qualtrough who told him: ”I know why you are here and I don’t need your help.”

    Sarah last spoke to her father on June 5, 2007, the day before he set off, when he told her he planned to sail via Tahiti, Fiji or Samoa and home to Victoria.

    After four weeks without contact, she called the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

    No physical search was conducted as Mr Qualtrough’s proposed route was not specific enough. Interpol also found no trace of him.

    One of several theories about Mr Qualtrough’s fate is that pirates boarded his yacht somewhere in the Pacific.

    But investigating officer Senior Constable Scott Stephens told Fairfax Media in 2008 that while he could not rule out a pirate attack, the most likely scenario was that Mr Qualtrough had either accidentally fallen overboard, been knocked over by the boom, or his yacht had sunk in heavy seas.

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  6. Look at transsexual’s life a real head-turner

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    December 21, 2018 by admin

    THE first scene of Xavier Dolan’s movie Laurence Anyways is the first part of the script that he wrote. It follows a figure walking down the street, a woman shot from behind.
    Nanjing Night Net

    What we see is how she is seen: heads turn, people look into the camera, and the expressions on their faces are varied and ambiguous. It’s the first of many scenes in this vivid, lengthy, languorous yet hectic film in which we are made aware of the impact of the gaze.

    Dolan, a young French-Canadian filmmaker, is a multi-hyphenate on a grand scale. He’s an actor, writer, director and producer, whose first feature, How I Killed My Mother, was screened in Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes in 2009, when he was only 20. Laurence Anyways, his third movie, is the first in which he does not appear.

    The film takes place in Montreal, in the 1980s and 1990s. It’s the story of Laurence Alia (Melvil Poupaud), a writer and academic who begins to realise that he can no longer deny his true self, his female identity. The opening sequence shows us Laurence, dressed as a woman, the subject of public scrutiny.

    For that scene, Dolan says, ”We had this great extras casting director, who suggested faces. And we wanted to have true, human faces, not preppie people who just wanted a headshot.” He found the first person in this sequence of faces, he adds, when he was having breakfast at McDonald’s. He saw a young man with green eyes, and asked him if he’d like to be in a movie that was shooting.

    The extras weren’t seeing the figure of Laurence, of course, he says, they were staring into the lens, watching a camera crew pass by, ”and I guess they were intimidated. And that’s sort of what we were looking for, because they’re intimidated by the vision of a woman who’s walking down the street.”

    There’s another scene, about the power of the look, in which the subject is Laurence’s intense, volatile girlfriend, played by Suzanne Clement, who is having a good deal of trouble coming to terms with the new identity of the person she knows and loves. It takes place at a costume ball, and it’s filmed with delirious, tactile detail. Dolan wanted her character to be having a good time, he says, but the sequence itself is about delusion, about how she wants to be seen rather than what is actually taking place. ”This bubble, this dream sequence, it’s a fantasy, she’s not wearing that dress, she’s not being looked at that way. It demonstrates what she is seeking. She’s seeking attention, but she doesn’t have it.”

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  7. Facing up to flawed judgment

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    December 21, 2018 by admin

    Compliance star Ann Dowd plays Sandra, a restaurant manager forced to deal with accusations against a staff member.THE film Compliance is based on a true story, a claustrophobic and unsettling account of human nature and its capacities that has had a strong, sometimes polarising impact on audiences since it was first screened at Sundance last year.
    Nanjing Night Net

    It is set in a fast food restaurant in a small American town, on a day very much like any other. The middle-aged manager, Sandra (Ann Dowd), has already had to deal with a couple of unresolved problems before she takes a call from a police officer with an allegation about one of her employees. How she chooses to deal with it – and what happens as other people become involved – is the unnerving heart of the movie. To go into too much detail would be to risk undermining the film’s slow-build effect.

    Writer-director Craig Zobel became aware of the events on which the film is based, through reading about the famous Milgram experiments of the early 1960s, which explored people’s responses to instructions from authority figures. He came across this story, the basis of Compliance, and one of the things that fascinated him was the process of rationalisation that followed. He says, ”it was a revealing and fascinating story that I could not stop thinking about once I had started.”

    It wasn’t an easy film to cast, he says. It was a low-budget movie, but he wasn’t looking, in any case, for well-known faces who might look out of place behind a fast-food counter. He wanted actors who he felt would have the ”right spirit” for the roles. Finding them involved talking to them about the story, and seeing if there were aspects of the characters or situation they could identify with.

    ”What was interesting about that story,” he says, ”was that a bunch of people were talked into doing things they would normally never ever think they were capable of doing. So you should be able to watch it and have some empathy for Sandra” – whatever you might think of her judgment, or lack thereof. Dowd’s performance has been singled out; she won the National Board of Review award for best supporting actress.

    Sandra takes the accused employee to a back room at the restaurant, as she is told by the police officer, and events begin to unfold. For Zobel, there were challenges involved in the choices he made about these aspects of the narrative. ”It was incredibly difficult to decide how to depict the scenes that turned towards the darker elements of the story. I talked a lot with the actors, and with my other collaborators. I proposed things, asked how they would be interpreted by my teammates.”

    In the end, he says, the decisions were his, and he had to follow his instincts, but, he adds, ”I thought it should feel as uncomfortable as it must’ve been in that room, just put us in there and realise how insane it was that these types of things got this far.”

    There were some challenges he was able to enjoy whole-heartedly. ”Considering how dark this movie is, it feels weird to admit that the fast food restaurant was a blast to design,” he says. He tried to think like a marketing person. He and designer Matt Munn made trips ”to every fast food restaurant we could find and critiqued their menus, their colour schemes, their wardrobes, their food item names” to help devise the fictional ChickWich chain.

    Compliance opens on January 17 at the Cinema Nova, Carlton.

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  8. Health courses in rude health

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    December 21, 2018 by admin

    Charlotte Ganderton, 23, studied physiotherapy because it’s a field that offers a large variety of career options.HEALTH sciences are among the steadiest performers of all university courses, with growing demand from students seeking good career prospects.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Students will receive first-round offers from universities on Thursday and courses such as dermal therapies at Victoria University and paramedicine at Australian Catholic University have recorded consistent increases in preferences in recent years.

    Demand has also grown substantially for the course known as health sciences and physiotherapy practice at La Trobe University. It attracted 637 first preferences, increasing by 175 from the previous year.

    La Trobe’s head of physiotherapy Megan Davidson said students were drawn to the course because of stable job opportunities after graduation. Students complete the four-year course with a bachelor of health science and a master of physiotherapy.

    ”It’s fairly intensive but I think the market is telling us they like it because preferences have gone up this year,” Dr Davidson said.

    It was the sixth most sought-after course overall this year, up from 12th spot in 2012.

    Many students believe that studying a field within health sciences would allow them to travel with their skills, Dr Davidson said. ”I think it’s seen as very portable. Australia has a very good reputation for health sciences education.”

    Charlotte Ganderton, who will graduate from La Trobe’s health science and physiotherapy course with honours this month, has already secured a job at Peninsula Health.

    The 23-year-old has wanted to work as a physiotherapist since she was a child.

    ”There are so many avenues you can go down depending on where your interest lies,” she said. ”What I love about it is you can have 10 career changes but still remain a physiotherapist. I think that’s what drew me to the profession.”

    Ms Ganderton said she had seen many job vacancies for physiotherapists in aged care. But she believed it was harder to get jobs in other areas, such as the public sector.

    The five most popular courses were arts, science, biomedicine and commerce at Melbourne University, along with medicine/surgery at Monash University.

    These courses have consistently dominated the top five. But arts and science at Melbourne were the only top five courses to record consecutive increases in first preferences since 2009.

    First preferences for dermal therapies at Victoria University have more than quadrupled in the past five years, from 35 for 2009 to 163 for this year.

    Victoria University’s dermal therapy course does not require an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank but applicants must sit a test and be interviewed.

    Dermal therapies discipline leader Frank Perri said the course prepared students for work in a growing industry. He said students learn wound management, scar-tissue reduction and treatment of some skin conditions.

    He also believed the field offered good job prospects. ”In the longer term it’s going to grow. Living in Australia there’s always a lot of sun damage,” he said.

    For this article, The Age analysed first-preference data from everyone who applied for a course through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre.

    These figures could have changed slightly among non-year-12 applicants who might have altered their preferences.

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  9. Push to tax sugary drinks to fight obesity

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    December 21, 2018 by admin

    Craig Padayachee demonstrates the amount of sugar in a single can of soft drink.What soft drinks are really doing to you
    Nanjing Night Net

    A CAMPAIGN to tackle unhealthy levels of sugar consumption is pushing for a tax on soft drinks and restrictions on advertising directed at children.

    The Rethink Sugary Drinks campaign, run in conjunction with Diabetes Australia and the Heart Foundation, features an Australian version of a US television ad in which a man sits at a bar eating 16 sachets of sugar.

    Sixteen teaspoons is the amount of sugar in a 600 millilitre bottle of soft drink. Consumed once a day, that amounts to 23 kilograms a year.

    ”You’d never eat 16 packs of sugar,” the ad, from the New York City Department of Health, says, ”Why would you drink 16 packs of sugar?”

    One in four Australian children is overweight or obese and health organisations say sugar-sweetened beverages are partly to blame, with 25 per cent of two to 16-year-olds consuming sugary soft drinks daily.

    ”You are really just getting a vehicle for the delivery of sugar without any nutritional benefit whatsoever,” said Craig Sinclair, chairman of the public health committee at Cancer Council Australia.

    Mr Sinclair said there was ”something inherently not right” in having Coca-Cola and Powerade sponsor events like school rugby and junior soccer, and it was a matter of time before tobacco-style bans on direct marketing to children were introduced for unhealthy food.

    During his university days the drink of choice for Craig Padayachee was Solo, which contains 81 per cent of the recommended daily sugar intake in each 600-millilitre bottle.

    The 27-year-old Heart Foundation IT administrator regularly drank three 375-millilitre cans a day at his friend’s internet cafe and said he soon began feeling the effects.

    ”My activity level dropped off quite a bit. I had pretty much no energy,” Mr Padayachee said.

    A spokeswoman for the federal Department of Health and Ageing said unlike healthier food, items like confectionery and soft drinks were subject to GST, but the Henry tax review had not recommended increasing tax on less healthy products.

    New dietary guidelines from the National Health and Medical Research Council due in February include a recommendation to ”limit intake of foods and drinks containing added sugars. In particular, limit sugar-sweetened drinks.” In Victoria, Education Department policy on school canteens directs providers not to supply soft drinks with high sugar content.

    This week in the US, Coca-Cola released an ad boasting that 180 of its 650 drinks contain few or no calories.

    A spokeswoman from Coca-Cola Amatil in Australia said the company was evaluating the US campaign ”and its relevance for the local market”, adding it was the first beverage company with nutritional information on the front of its labels and, ”in line with our long-standing global policy”, did not market to children under 12.

    Australian Beverages Council chief executive Geoff Parker said whether 16 teaspoons of sugar per bottle was unhealthy depended on the consumer.

    ”It’s no surprise that young adult males are the people that consume full-sugar varieties the most,” he said. ”They are the young tradies, the apprentices, out there with physically active lifestyles. No one food or drink causes obesity.”

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  10. Drought ends for NGV water wall after summer shutdown

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    December 21, 2018 by admin

    AFTER lengthy repairs to the National Gallery of Victoria’s water wall, the drought broke on Wednesday when the steady stream sprang to life – anxiously monitored by gallery director Tony Ellwood.
    Nanjing Night Net

    A cracked glass pane forced the shutdown of the Melbourne landmark in early December. Children expecting their first watery baptism in art have been met with signs and maintenance works during the peak holiday season.

    ”I pushed for a new look and feel and campaign for summer, and here we’ve had this unwelcoming entrance which has really upset me,” said Mr Ellwood, who took the helm of the gallery six months ago.

    The pane has been replaced, but the silicone sealing the glass failed twice, with leaks forcing the gallery to stem the flow until now.

    Philip Goad, professor of architecture at the University of Melbourne, has criticised the time taken to restart the popular attraction. ”The water wall was redone in the refurbishment back in 2002-03 so it shouldn’t be failing. Sometimes things like this are technically complex but it shouldn’t be that difficult to fix.”

    Mr Ellwood defended the time spent on repairs, saying he wanted to guarantee the leaks were fixed.

    The crack was discovered on a day of extreme heat, and could have been caused by ”thermal stress”, he said. He immediately commissioned an engineers’ report, which he said was ”inconclusive” about the cause of the crack. ”There’s also the likelihood that the pane of glass may have had an existing fault.”

    He didn’t rule out that a mural painted on the water wall could have damaged the pane through the black paint absorbing heat. ”It’s possible, we don’t know.”

    The engineers’ report by Arup concluded that several issues combined to result in the crack. ”Namely, a black motif painted on the back of the glass causing the glass to heat up, the water had been turned off to facilitate maintenance work on the external ceiling above the water wall and a very warm day. The combination of issues was unusual and unfortunate in that it caused the glass to crack due to thermal stress,” the report said. It found no structural issues of concern.

    The gallery removed the mural, created by Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho ”primarily for safety”. (Each water wall pane measures 6 metres by 3.3 metres and weighs about 1.2 tonnes.)

    Mr Ellwood said he hadn’t anticipated problems with murals on the water wall because there had been precedents that didn’t cause damage. He does recall that merely weeks after US artist Keith Haring painted on the water wall in 1984, vandals threw a hammer shattering the art and glass.

    Before becoming director last year, after heading up Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, Mr Ellwood spent seven years as deputy director of the NGV when it underwent a refurbishment between 2001-04. The team of Mario Bellini and Metier3 controversially altered the Roy Grounds-designed 1968 St Kilda Road building, including the water wall.

    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.